Our Story

With the love of seafood and the hope of achieving the American dream, Joseph Huh started Joe’s fish in 1975. In 1977, Joseph Huh along with his two son’s,   Peter and Paul Huh, founded Pacific American Fish Company - a family owned full service seafood company.

PAFCO is currently one of the most successful seafood companies in southern California providing over 5,000 fresh and frozen seafood products.

We manage fishing vessels, harvest sites and processing plants throughout the world. Subsidiaries in North America, Latin America and Asia enable us to oversee all phases of the production of our brands, Oceankist, Pacific Surf, Pete's Seafood, and PAFCO.

We comply with all government food safety requirements and employ state-of-the-art technology throughout our business to ensure that our brands are at the cutting edge of today’s lifestyle. We put great emphasis on customer service with specially trained associates. As a strong advocate of sustaining the world’s seafood resources, we recognize that employing good environmental practices benefit everyone that’s involved in the supply chain - from the supplier to the end user.