Garlic Butter Clams



Brand: Pete’s Seafood

Wild/Farmed: Wild

Origin: China


• Cook within minutes

• Made with only natural and fresh ingredients

SKU Size UPC Pack Size Note
CLA197 16 oz 0-40295-51778-4 16x16 oz

Shrimp, Red



Brand: Oceankist

Wild/Farmed: Wild     

Origin: Argentina


• Deep water shrimp

• Jumbo size

• All natural - untreated

• Sweet taste with tender texture

• Minimal glaze used for bulk pack (considered as semi-IQF easy to use)

SKU Size UPC Pack Size Note
SHR156 10/20 0-40295-51748-7 6x2 kg

King Crab (Clusters)


Wild/Farmed: Wild     

Origin: Argentina


• Excellent meat fill (90%+)

• Ocean run size from 250g to 400g+

• A-grade clusters only

• No preservatives

• Excellent substitute to Russian King Crab or Canadian Snow Crab Opilio

• Caught in pristine waters of Southern Argentina Atlantic Ocean

SKU Size UPC Pack Size Note
CRA400 1x30 lb

Salmon (Portions)

Brand: Oceankist     

Wild/Farmed: Farmed     

Origin: Chile


• Individually vacuum packed

• Cut from 12+ lb salmon

• Blast frozen

• Scaled & skin on

• Rich in omega-3 fatty acids

• Fatty, buttery texture

• Chem free- nothing added

SKU Size UPC Pack Size Note
SAL377 4.25 oz 0-40295-51797-5 38x4.25 oz