peter huh
Chairman and CEO

In 1977, Mr. Huh co –founded Pacific American Fish Company (PAFCO) with his younger brother Mr. Paul Nam Huh and their late father Mr. Joseph Huh. As just a teenager before going to college, Mr. Huh started helping his father with all of the business responsibilities.

When deciding on colleges, Mr. Huh traded the California weather for a small liberal arts college in Western Massachusetts, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry at Amherst College in 1982. During his time at college, Mr. Huh met Mrs. Jihee Huh, who he later married. They have two children together.

A philanthropist and supporter of the arts and public media, Mr. Huh contributes to Southern California Public Radio, The Disney Concert Hall,  Asian Americans Advancing Justice (formerly The Asian American Pacific Legal Center) , and The Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.  Furthermore, Mr. Huh is a generous supporter of his  alma mater, Amherst College, and has established a fellowship grant there for students of low socioeconomic backgrounds.


Board Affiliations:

Board Member - Asian American Advancing Justice and Chadwick Day School 

paul huh
Vice Chairman
Vice President of Operations and Sales
Along with father Mr. Joseph Huh and brother Mr. Peter Yun Huh, Mr. Paul Nam Huh is one of three PAFCO co-founders. Having observed the company’s growth from inception to its present state, Mr. Paul Huh is uniquely fitted to oversee PAFCO production, warehouse and logistic operations as well as its sales staff.

Paul attended both Upstate New York’s Vassar College as well as the University of Sevilla, attaining fluency in Spanish in addition to his first languages of English and Korean. In addition to supporting Public Radio, Mr. Paul Huh is a donor for Palos Verdes’ Chadwick School.

Like his brother, Paul is married with two children and takes pleasure from spending time on the golf course. Additionally, he enjoys skiing, basketball and performance automobiles.
jihee huh
Vice Chairman
Vice President of New Venture Development
A mother, an executive and a wife, Mrs. Jihee Huh is a diverse individual who performed as a concert flutist before overseeing company product development and marketing operations. New York raised and educated, Mrs. Jihee Huh earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from St. John's University in 1986. After meeting during their college years, Mrs. Huh and her husband Mr. Peter Huh came to raise their two children in Southern California.

Throughout her career Mrs. Huh has performed an array of management functions, all while making time for human rights activist work to the extent she was acknowledged with a 2012 Certificate of Congressional Recognition for her work on HR121 Comfort Women. 2012 was also an opportunity for Jihee to extend her education, completing the Harvard Executive Education Governing for Nonprofit Excellence program.
Board Affiliations:

Chairman - Southern California Public Radio (Trustee since 2005)

Board of Trustee - Children's Hospital of Los Angeles

Board of Trustee - Center for Asian American United for Self-Empowerment  (C.A.U.S.E.) ; Focus: Women in Power events and programs